AccessODF taking off

The recently released AccessODF, a new open-source extension for LibreOffice Writer and Writer that helps authors evaluate and repair accessibility issues, is taking up quite a ride (The H-Online, ODF Plugfest,, Oracle blog).

The extension does not only identify accessibility issues and provide repair suggestions (like Microsoft Office 2010) but also provides automatic or semi-automatic repair functionality where possible. For example, if the checker finds an empty heading or a table where rows are allowed to break across pages, you can simply press the repair button to fix that ("automatic repair"). If the checker finds an image without alt text, pressing the repair button will open the dialog where you can enter a text alternative, which saves you a few steps ("semi-automatic repair").

AccessODF complements to other extensions: odt2daisy, which exports Writer documents to DAISY, and odt2braille, which exports Writer documents to a Braille format or sends them to an embosser. Both extensions are available on SourceForge. Accessibility evaluation was a feature frequently requested by users of odt2daisy and odt2braille.

You can download the extension from SourceForge. A press release is available here.