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AEGIS Solution Name Context of Use Short description Languages availability Download H/W Requirements S/W Requirements Link to Training Material
Android Accessible Contact Manager and Phone Dialer Mobile Phone dialer and contact manager that is accessible to people with visual and cognitive disabilities via assistive technologies. English, Spanish, Dutch and Swedish Link - Google Android smart phone with touch screen
- 64 Mb RAM free
- 320x480 or higher screen resolution

Android OS 2.0 or higher.

For using with Explore-by-touch mode for blind users, Android OS 4.0 is needed.

AEGIS Contact Manager for Java Mobile Mobile application that provides an easy to use contact manager to call and manage the contacts of the mobile device using an accessible application. Spanish, English, Dutch and Swedish Link It can be run in any Java capable device. - Link
CCF-SymbolWriter Desktop Extension for OpenOffice/LibreOffice Writer, using Concept Coding Framework symbol support, to facilitate both text production and comprehension for users with cognitive impairments. English and Swedish Link

1024 MB RAM or more 256 MB free disk space or more before installation

1024 * 768 screen resolution, 16 million colours or more Graphical windows based user interface

Mouse or compatible pointing device Keyboard

OpenOffice version 3.2 Java version 6, version later than 2009

OS: Windows XP sp2 or later, Linux, Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later, Solaris

Odt2Daisy Desktop Extension for LibreOffice Writer and OpenOffice.org Writer that exports word processing documents to digital talking books in the DAISY format. odt2daisy exports both DAISY 2.02 (for compatibility with older DAISY players) and DAISY 3.0. English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish Link PC with sound card and speakers (sound card and speakers are for checking the output of the prototype, not for using the prototype itself)

Odt2Daisy runs on Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu Linux and other Unix versions.

- OpenOffice.org 3.2
– English or Dutch version
- Java (included anyway in the default download of OpenOffice.org. - TTS engines.
- For testing the output (but not for running the prototype): a DAISY player such as AMIS or Emerson.

odt2Braille Desktop Extension for LibreOffice Writer and OpenOffice.org Writer that exports word processing documents to Braille (in BRF, BRA or PEF format) and to emboss documents directly on supported embossers. English, Dutch, Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese Brazil, Swedish, Polish Link

A PC that can run Windows XP or higher, and one of the following Braille embossers:
- Interpoint 55 - Index Basic Blue Bar
- Index Basic-S/D V2
- Index Everest-D V2
- Index 4X4 Pro V2
- Index Basic-D V3
- Index Everest-D V3
- Index 4X4 Pro V3
- Index 4Waves Pro
- Braillo 200
- Braillo 400 S
- Braille 400 SR
- Impacto Texto
- Impacto 600
- Porta-Thiel Blue

odt2braille can also be used for exporting to a Braille file. In that case no embosser is needed.

- Microsoft Windows XP or higher
- OpenOffice.org 3.0 or higher, or LibreOffice.

Supported laguages are English, Dutch, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Catalan, Swedish, Norwegian and Italian.

- Java 1.6 (Java is included in the default download of OpenOffice.org; if you downloaded an OpenOffice.org version without Java, you need to install Java separately;).
- odt2braille extension.

AccessODF Desktop Extension for LibreOffice Writer and OpenOffice.org Writer that evaluates the accessibility of word processing documents, suggests repair actions and includes a few automatic and semi-automatic repair functions. English, Dutch and Galician Link A PC that can run Microsoft Windows XP or higher - Microsoft Windows, or Linux (e.g. Debian)
- OpenOffice.org 3.3 or higher or LibreOffice
- Optional for Braille related checks: odt2braille extension
Gnome Shell Magnifier Desktop A built-in screen enhancement functionality for the GNOME Shell window manager on GNOME. English Link - PC (preferably not more than 5 years old)
- Hardware overview
- Link
Haptic RIA maps Web Web application that enables haptic exploration of any map area supported by the OpenStreetMap service. English Link Haptic device (any of the following):
- SensAble Technologies’ Phantom Desktop device
- SensAble Technologies Phantom Omni device
- Novint Falcon device

- Operating System: -> Minimum:
Windows 2000 -> Suggested : Windows XP SP2 or SP3

- Haptic device drivers/SDK:
-> OpenHaptics Toolkit 3.0 or higher for Phantom Desktop and Phantom Omni devices -> Drivers 3.1 or higher for Novint falcon device
- Additional software:
-> Java Runtime Environment (suggested: 1.6.0_20 or higher)

Plug-ins for RIA in Netbeans Web A set of several plugins for NetBeans IDE that are trying to support the developer during the development, simulation and assessment processes of accessible RIA applications. English Link (also DIAS plugin and WaaT plugin) - - -
Improved language files for eSpeak and training manual Desktop The intended use of the language files improved during the AEGIS lifetime is their integration in the eSpeak text-to-speech synthesis engine and contribution to the production of more intelligible speech. Greek, Spanish, Dutch (Belgium), Swedish, English - A PC with audio support and speakers or headphones - OS: Linux variant (like ubuntu 10.10) or windows (xp or later).
- Latest eSpeak version
OpenGazer Desktop A collection of modules to enable head tracking, gesture detection, gaze estimation. English Link The webcam for opengazer development is Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000, but the software should work with any webcam. You just need to ensure that your webcam is capable of 640x480 or higher resolution, and that it works with v4l. Linux with processor speed of at least 2GHz, a webcam (see above) and all required libraries installed. -
Fluid Infusion Web Fluid Infusion is a set of dynamic web components, based on jQuery, designed for accessibility, flexibility, and usability. English Link - PC (preferably not more than 5 years old)
- Speakers for screen reader - Audio in good quality
- Stable Internet connection
- Windows XP or Vista
- Mozilla Firefox browser (v.3.6+) - For users with severe visual impairments, we recommend either JAWS 12 or NVDA 2010.2 (Keyboard-only testers do not need a screen reader)
Accessible Widgets for MooTools Web Set of dynamic web components, designed for accessibility, flexibility, and usability. English Link - PC (preferably not more than 5 years old)
- Speakers for screen reader
- Audio in good quality
- Stable Internet connection
- Windows XP or Vista
- Mozilla Firefox (v.3.6+) - Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+
- NVDA 2010.1+ - JAWS 11.0 (Keyboard-only testers do not need a screen reader)
JQuery accessibility Web Set of dynamic web components, designed for accessibility, flexibility, and usability. English Link - PC (preferably not more than 5 years old)
- Speakers for screen reader - Audio in good quality
- Stable Internet connection
- Windows XP or Vista
- Mozilla Firefox (v.4.x)
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.x
- NVDA 2011.x
- JAWS 12.x (Keyboard-only testers do not need a screen reader)
Accessibility Advisor Web AEGIS Accessibility Advisor is a tool providing software developers with a support when developing accessible applications without having to study comprehensive materials related to accessibility guidelines and methodologies or publications about user impairments. English Link - Standard PC/notebook
- Keyboard
- Mouse/Touchpad - Screen resolution 1024x768 (or higher preferred)
- Internet connection (offline test is also applicable )
- Just web browser with JavaScript enabled.
- The prototype is designed in as a HTML/JavaScript wizard so it should be running on all operating systems in all browsers (tested ones are Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari). Problems have been noticed with Internet Explorer; it is better to avoid until it is being fixed.
CMS demonstrator Web Provides standard information within WordPress such as archives, recent posts and comments in various formats (e.g.Fluidlist, MooToolsslider, jQueryAccordion) and enhances widgets' accessibility through the application of the WAI-ARIA roles, states and properties. English - Published here
- Accessible plugins
- More Accessible Plugins
- - WAI ARIA enabled browser
- Screen reader that supports WAI-ARIA. For users with severe visual impairments, we recommend either JAWS 12 or NVDA 2010.2.
LWUIT accessible components and themes Mobile High contrast themes with large print size for standard LWUIT applications. Also an implementation of the AMAyA accessibility broker for LWUIT that speaks the AMAyA accessibility API on behalf of LWUIT components, so that the stock components can be used with assistive technologies. English Link - - -
Mobile Dasher (for Android and iPhone) Mobile An information efficient alternative text entry system, available for Android and iPhone. Settings interface localized to English, French, Dutch. Dasher allows writing in almost any language, including Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. iPhone app store and Android app store - Android mobile device e.g. Google Nexus One, HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S, most others.
- Touchscreen desirable.
- Optionally, external switches connected with a Tecla Shield.
- Android OS of version at least 1.6.
- Optionally, “Talk-a-droid” application (allows user access to text-to-speech functionality)
- e-Speak TTS synthesizer (allows more languages)
- “Tecla” onscreen-keyboard application (for connection of external switches)
Android and iPhone
Tecla Access Keyboard Scanning onscreen keyboard functionality for mobile devices (currently on Android). It also works in conjunction with a Bluetooth switch interface called the Tecla Access Shield (optional) to provide access to these devices via external switches. English Mobile - Tecla
- Tecla shield
- Android smartphone (Android v.2.0+)
- (Optional Hardware Testing) Powered-wheelchair with an Appliance Control Unit (ACU). An ACU (also known as ECU) is a box that sits at the back of the chair and has typically one or two female DE9 connectors. ACUs can be used to control appliances through the same interface (e.g., joystick, head-switches, etc…). Note: This could be technical, so people familiar with wheelchair setups should be involved
- Android v.2.0+
- Tecla software (free download from Android Market; see above)
AEGIS Real Time Text Mobile Mobile application that provides a real time text method to communicate with fluency by using text instead of voice. English, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish - Jad file
- Jar file
- Mobile device compatible Java VM built-in, such as Nokia E71 or E72
- 2 MB memory free
J2ME CLDC Virtual Machine (already installed in the test devices) Link
Accessible Calendar Web Calendar application that is providing accessible interface to online calendar solutions such as Google Calendar. - - - - -
Android Accessibility Designer Toolkit Mobile Developer support tool to help developers to create accessible mobile applications that run on Android OS. English Executable file, Source code The Android Accessibility Designer Toolkit may run on any full equipped PC with at 166 MHz single core and 32 MB of RAM or better with at least 2MB of free disk space and display dimensions of 800x600 or higher. The Android libraries and resources should operate on all different spectrum of Android devices (low to high class), meaning that there should not be any HW issues. - The Android Accessibility Designer Toolkit runs on any OS (Linux, MacOS, Windows) running a Java Virtual Machine with Java Runtime Environment v.1.6 or newer.
- An IDE for developing Android applications is needed, such as Eclipse (with Android SDK plugin already installed).
- The Android projects created with these libraries and resources run on the Android OS from version 1.6 to the latest 4.0.
Developer's tool for LWUIT based on Resource Editor Mobile Accessibility support for LWUIT Resource Editor adds features that are helping developers to create accessible LWUIT applications - - - - -
Screen reader for Java mobile Mobile Sample Java ME screen reading application based AMAyA/Java ME accessibility API. - - - - -
CCF-SymbolDroid Mobile CCF-SymbolDroid is for creating messages to use direct in person-to-person communication, or remotely. It is TTS compatible and will be compatible with the Tecla access shield before the end of the project Buttons are in English; vocabularies for the symbols are available in English, Swedish, Dutch and Spanish. Link Android mobile phone with normal screen size and resolution 800x480 is the best and tested equipment. Other screen sizes may work. Also a tablet with resolution 1280 x 800 is tested - 256 MB RAM or more - 256 MB free flash space or more before installation Android 2.3 or later Link
Accessible JavaFX components Desktop A modern, highly graphical, cross-platform UI framework and runtime for JavaSE that supports high contrast, large print, keyboard operability, and an accessibility API for interoperability with assistive technologies. Accessible JavaFX will include the JavaFX runtime, and will also include a number of sample accessible JavaFX applications. English - JFXControls (bat)
- JFXControls (jar)
Link Link Link