Evaluation types and techniques

Evaluation in AEGIS encompassed the following:

  • Technical validation of the integrated applications;
  • Human Factors assessment of the applications;
  • Impact assessment of AEGIS applications;
  • Socio-economic evaluation of the AEGIS applications.

The overview of the evaluation techniques being used in AEGIS and the process followed is given below.

Evaluation technique
Tools used
1. Training and consent forms
Separate documents and guidelines (see D5.2.3 and D5.6.2 respectively; downloadable from here).
2. Questionnaires/Interviews
Subjective: Pre-test forms
3. Performance testing combined with Contextual Inquiry
Objective: Service diaries and automatic logging (whenever applicable) in combination with:
Subjective: Think Aloud Protocol/open questions (with the help of service diaries)
4. Questionnaires/Interviews
Subjective: Post-test forms and scales
5. Focus Groups
Subjective: Open questions and free discussion and questionnaire to be completed at the end