AEGIS in the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

At the biannual International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (the 13th edition of HCI International) three ÆGIS papers were presented by Peter Korn and Karin Slegers. The presentations were part of a special session of the Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction track, called "Inherent Accessibility in Software Design, Development and Assessment", organised by Evangelos Bekiaris, ÆGIS Coordinator. Two general papers about ÆGIS were presented: Evaluation Frameworks about All Inclusive Mainstream ICT (by Maria Gemou and Evangelos Bekiaris) and Towards Open Access Accessibility Everywhere: The ÆGIS Concept (by Peter Korn). The third paper was about the user-centred design approach in ÆGIS: A UCD Approach Towards the Design, Development and Assessment of Accessible Applications in a Large Scale European Integrated Project (by Karel Van Isacker, Karin Slegers, Maria Gemou and Evangelos Bekiaris).