Presentations at FOSS-AMA satellite event at ETAPS 2010


ETAPS logoÆGIS organised the FOSS-AMA satellite event at ETAPS 2010 (European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software). This satellite event entitled FOSS‐AMA (Free and Open Source Software ‐ for Accessible Mainstream Applications), brought together the most recent achievements and experts in Open Source Community and Accessibility. 3rd generation access techniques and their potential for more accessible mainstream ICT for end‐users and relevant toolkits for developers were explored. Interactive demos embellished the presentations sessions.

The event was spread over 2 days.

Below are the presentations:

  • Programme (slideshow, pdf, txt)
  • ÆGIS-ACCESSIBLE: Users Involvement Driving Accessibility Forward (slideshow, pdf, txt)
  • Harmonisation Methodology of Accessibility Components (slideshow, pdf, txt)
  • Use Cases towards All Inclusive Mainstream ICT (slideshow, pdf, txt)
  • How to Prepare for an Inclusive Future: Identifying Enablers for Upcoming Interaction Technologies (slideshow, pdf, txt)
  • Standards-based Content Resources: a Prerequisite for Content Integration and Content Interoperability (slideshow, pdf, txt)
  • Improved Accessibility in Maps for Visually Impaired Users (slideshow, pdf, txt)
  • Incorporating ARIA into Web Toolkit (slideshow, pdf, txt)
  • Open-Source Concept Coded Graphic Symbol support in (slideshow, pdf, txt)
  • Odt2DAISY: Producing Digital Talking Books with Open-Source Software (slideshow, pdf, txt)
  • An Approximation Simulator for the Design and Development of Accessible Java Swing Applications (slideshow, pdf, txt)
  • Java User Interfaces for Accessible Mobile Applications (slideshow, pdf, txt)
  • Designing Mobile Applications for All: Accessible Contact Manager (slideshow, pdf, txt)
  • Towards Mobile Web Accessibility Evaluation (slideshow, pdf, txt)