The Dasher project is supported by the AEGIS project

Dasher is an information-efficient text-entry interface, driven by natural continuous pointing gestures. It is a competitive text-entry system wherever a full-size keyboard cannot be used - for example,

  • when operating a computer one-handed, by joystick, touchscreen, trackball, or mouse;
  • when operating a computer with zero hands (i.e., by head-mouse or by eyetracker);
  • on a palmtop computer;
  • on a wearable computer.

The eyetracking version of Dasher allows an experienced user to write text as fast as normal handwriting - 29 words per minute; using a mouse, experienced users can write at 39 words per minute. It can also be used to write efficiently in any language.

The Dasher project is supported by the Gatsby Foundation and by the European Commission in the context of the ÆGIS project.

For more information, visit the Dasher website.