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AEGIS organises sattelite event at ETAPS 2010 (March 27‐28, 2010) in Paphos, Cyprus.

ÆGIS is organising a satellite event at ETAPS 2010 (European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software). This satellite event is entitled FOSS‐AMA (Free and Open Source Software ‐ for Accessible Mainstream Applications), and aims to bring together the most recent achievements and renowned experts in Open Source Community and Accessibility. 3rd generation access techniques and their potential for more accessible mainstream ICT for end‐users and relevant toolkits for developers will be explored. Interactive demos will embellish the presentations sessions.
The schedule for paper submission, notification of acceptance and final versions of camera‐ready papers is as following:

  • Call for papers: To be published until 31st of October 2009
  • Abstracts submission deadline: 30th November 2009
  • Notification of abstracts acceptance: 15th December 2009
  • Paper submission deadline: 15th January 2010
  • Notification of acceptance and review outcomes: 30th January 2010
  • Final camera ready papers: 20th February 2010

Submissions in the following categories will be admissible:

  • Scientific Papers
  • Technical Papers

The final versions of the accepted camera‐ready papers will be published and will be made avail-able during the workshop. Each submission must:

  • clearly and unambiguously state in which of the two categories it falls
  • be original, i.e. not published or submitted elsewhere,
  • contain a clear motivation,
  • contain a thorough analysis of the claimed contributions (for example by comparing to re-lated work),
  • be written in less than 15 pages (scientific), or less than 10 pages (technical papers)
  • the authors of each accepted submission are required to give a presentation at FOSS-AMA 2010

The event will also foresee an exhibition of demos on accessible open source Rich Internet Appli-cations, Desktop Applications and Mobile Applications.

The contact address to use is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

AEGIS in the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

At the biannual International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (the 13th edition of HCI International) three ÆGIS papers were presented by Peter Korn and Karin Slegers. The presentations were part of a special session of the Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction track, called "Inherent Accessibility in Software Design, Development and Assessment", organised by Evangelos Bekiaris, ÆGIS Coordinator. Two general papers about ÆGIS were presented: Evaluation Frameworks about All Inclusive Mainstream ICT (by Maria Gemou and Evangelos Bekiaris) and Towards Open Access Accessibility Everywhere: The ÆGIS Concept (by Peter Korn). The third paper was about the user-centred design approach in ÆGIS: A UCD Approach Towards the Design, Development and Assessment of Accessible Applications in a Large Scale European Integrated Project (by Karel Van Isacker, Karin Slegers, Maria Gemou and Evangelos Bekiaris).

Online survey on accessible software implementations

ACCESSIBLE is an EU FP7 project spanning over 36 months. Started since 1 September 2008, it aims at improving the accessibility of software development products by introducing a harmonised accessibility methodology into accessible software development processes, using significantly better measurement strategies, methodologies, etc. The envisaged improvement will enable large organisations, SMEs or individuals (developers, designers, etc.) to produce software products of superior accessibility and usability, accompanied by appropriate measures, technologies and tools that improve their overall quality.

Because of your past and present work in the accessibility area, we would like to kindly invite you to participate to our survey that addresses Developers, Accessibility Assessors, Elderly and Disabled People, Public Bodies, and Service Providers. The relevant-for-you questionnaire has been designed to identify the user needs within t he premises of the ACCESSIBLE EU FP7 project. Its evaluation will be the basis to implement appropriate tools and methodologies in order to increase awareness and need for accessibility.

If you are interested in contributing, these questionnaires (accessible via are completely anonymous, and are available in German, Greek, Portuguese, Italian, English, and Bulgarian.

We believe that your valuable contribution will help us to extract project User needs and prepare a report which will be of great benefit in promoting Accessibility for software implementations throughout Europe.

Thank you in advance for your time and contribution.


In the subsections, the paper contributions to conferences and journals in the various application domains have been listed.

Consulting with end users: the AEGIS local workshops

In  the  context  of  the  AEGIS activities  for  end user and stakeholder involvement,   each  of  the  project  pilot  sites  organised   a  local workshop, aimed at presenting the project, to all potential users, as well as gathering feedback from end-users and other stakeholders on core use cases that will be used as the basis for designing the main project tools.
As a result of this activity, 4 workshops were organised within the period April-May 2009 in Belgium, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom, with over 143  participants, among which were developers of software applications,   people   with   disabilities,  personal  assistants,  user  representatives, vendors of assistive technology and other relevant stakeholders.

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