Step 1 - Define Accessible
Step 4 - Platform Support
Physical World
Define what 'accessible' means
a. width of door for wheelchair?
b. force to open a window?
c. elevator tones, Braille?
figure of wheelchair user logo
ICT World
Define what 'accessible' means
a. navigation-manipulation scheme
b. themes: contrast, large print
c. accessibility API: use with AT
Physical World
Locate buildings in good places
a. near public transit?
b. wheelchair ramp to building?
c. crosswalk buttons findable? figure of wheelchair user entering into a bus
ICT World
Plarform accessible, runs AT
a. expose accessibility API?
b. can load AT (security, etc.)?
c. user selectable themes? d. TTS, Braille, other AT libs?
Step 2 - Stock Elements
Step 5 - The App Itself
Physical World
Stock building materials
a. std. doors - wide enough
b. std. windows - easy to open
c. std. elevator - tones, Braille figure of a lego door
ICT World
Stock UI elements-components
a. desktop menus, windows, etc
b. web accordions, sliders, etc
c. mobile text fields, alerts, etc.
Physical World
Make accessible buildings and public infrastructure figure of wheelchair user pass
ICT World
Make accessible applications
Step 3 - Dev/Authoring Tools
Step 6 - Assistive Technology
Physical World
Tools that use stock material
a. manuals and standards for use
b. specs. for construction
c. tools for installation figure of components table
ICT World
Developer and authoring tools
a. manuals and tutorials
b. pallete of sample elements
c. highlights errors, helps fix.
Physical World
Disseminate access devices
a. distribute wheelchairs
b. provide seeing eye dogs
c. provide hearing aids d. provide canes figure of an ear
ICT World
Provide-disseminate AT
a. provide screen readers
b. provide keyboard alternatives
c. provide AAC aids
d. provide other AT, etc.