What is your view on the accessibility of internet applications and the internet overall?

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  • Avatar image Christophe_Strobbe Feb 27, 2012
    Dionysia, I think your question would fit better in a developer-oriented forum. The best resource is probably http://www.html5accessibility.com/, a site maintained by the Paciello Group. There is also an HTML accessibility task force at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) but their work is more interesting for technical experts than for end-uses: http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/wiki/Main_Page.
  • Avatar image Dionysia Kontotasiou Jan 24, 2012
    What is the accessibility status of new approaches or features brought to the web by HTML5 and the new web-media (e.g. connected DTV)? Is anyone aware?
  • Avatar image MªCarmen Oct 18, 2011
    We have got a new web browser called SRWare Iron. It is developed on Chromium. Have you already tried it? Do you know if it is available to support products? Or, brings integrated support products? All what I can say now is that it is open source, free and has got a portable version for USB sticks without installation. More information in English: http://www.srware.net/en/software_srware_iron.php
  • Avatar image Dionysia Kontotasiou Apr 29, 2011
    What do you think about the audio messages as a way to improve the recognition of the streets while navigating in map applications? Do you think they are useful? Or would you prefer another type of messages?
  • Avatar image Karel Mar 20, 2011
    We will be organising workshops in Belgium again to pilot test AEGIS applications. More on this in the next few weeks.
  • Avatar image Carlos Sep 07, 2010
    Hola a todos! Soy tetraplèjico completo y tengo serias dificultades para utilizar el telèfono mòvil ya que no existen aplicaciones para usarlo totalmente por comandos de voz.
  • Avatar image Marie Aug 05, 2010
    Seamless supportive ICT tools that are embedded in every product that could be used by people with disabilities. No need for different products, rather use the ones that are default on the market and have the at embedded. Like iphone 4.
  • Avatar image Lieve Laporte Jul 26, 2010
    What kind of application would be really useful for you?
  • Avatar image Karel Jul 24, 2010
    That is a good tool indeed, similar to what Accessible project is producing.
  • Avatar image Abdel Jul 24, 2010
    the simpler the better i say - i also use a tool to assess accessibility with my fellow low vision friend, http://www.totalvalidator.com
  • Avatar image Lieve Laporte Jul 12, 2010
    Do you have any examples of applications or websites that you find very accessible? How do you experience the compatibility of assistive technologies with these websites and applications?
  • Avatar image Karel Jun 30, 2010
    @ Marie: Please have a look at the ACCESSIBLE project (http://www.accessible-project.eu/). They will exploit the technologies behind the recent expansion of accessibility tools and standardisation methodologies, in order to provide an integrated simulation assessment environment for supporting the production of accessible software applications for mobile, web, etc. This will enable large organisations, SMEs or individuals (developers, designers, etc.) to produce software products of superior accessibility and quality, accompanied with appropriate measures and proposals for best practice. The proposed system will be demonstrated in the four pilots of ACCESSIBLE for the assessment of: a) Mobile applications (including JavaFX Scripts), b) Web applications, c) Web services (mainly focusing on infomobility services), and d) description languages (e.g. UML, SDL, etc.). The software to do so is gradually made available through their website.
  • Avatar image Marie Jun 30, 2010
    Official estimates put the number of Europeans with disabilities at 10% – or 37 million in the EU and 80 million in Greater Europe. Giving an accurate figure is hard, since the term “disability” covers a very wide range of situations, but six out of ten EU nationals say that their immediate or less immediate circle includes someone who has a disability or is an invalid, and one in four has such a person in his/her family. Over 5% of EU nationals say that have a disability themselves, but one in four puts the figure for Europe at 20%. – “Eurobarometer” survey, carried out in May 2001 Again, you are doing an excellent job with this project! I found out via Accessforall.eu.
  • Avatar image Marie Jun 30, 2010
    Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) – Website accessibility is an on-going project. WAI is related to the U.S. Government’s 1998 amendment to the Rehabilitation Act — Section 508. Section 508 requires U.S. government departments’ and agencies’ websites must be accessible to people with physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities. in reality hardly any website follows this. AT can only work as good as the source content is, hope you keep this in mind in this project.
  • Avatar image Vagelis Jun 30, 2010
    From experience I would say that accessibility is mostly linked to what assistive technologies one uses, NVDA/HAL allows more accessibility to me than Jaws, which is surprising considering the price tag of JAWS. I hope the project will come up with a good number of products for us blind. We need them, affordable and to a certain level of quality.
  • Avatar image Chris Blouch Jun 09, 2010
    @Paul Borgen - You might find this article useful: http://dev.aol.com/blog/cblouch/08262008 which walks through the basics of accessible web forms. In general a web form which follows good web standards will get you 90% of the way there. This one is from a while ago but I think the best practice is still valid: http://dev.aol.com/accessibility/bestpractices/form
  • Avatar image Paul Borgen May 03, 2010
    Was looking for a example of a simple web data entry form for the blind. I am building a web application for data entry for a blind person. It would be great to see a live example. Any suggestions? I have read a bunch online maybe there is a great site out there that I have missed. pborg99@yahoo.com
  • Avatar image ELENA Apr 28, 2010
    Prueba de foro
  • Avatar image IVAN CARMONA Mar 23, 2010
    My preferred web browser is Mozilla Firefox
  • Avatar image GUEST Nov 17, 2009
    Which is your preferred web browser? What are the advantages or disadvantages?
  • Avatar image GUEST Nov 17, 2009
    Mozilla Firefox
  • Avatar image GUEST Nov 17, 2009
    What assistive technologies do you use to access the internet?
  • Avatar image GUEST Nov 17, 2009
    Do you face problems in accessing information on the web, even when using assistive technologies?