In this forum, topics related to the motor/communication difficulties group, for top desktop application, are being posted.

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  • Avatar image IVAN CARMONA Feb 27, 2012
    En la tercera fase de evaluación los tests de usuario del proyecto AEGIS vamos a evaluar un gestor de contactos para Android (Contact Manager) con un desarrollo de introducción alternativa de texto (Tecla) para usuarios con limitación en extremidades superiores. Si estás interesado/a en participar, envíanos un correo electrónico a
  • Avatar image Eva Holmqvist Feb 16, 2012
    We are looking forward to do some new testing. We hope to get information about what and with what user group.
  • Avatar image Elizabeth Nov 23, 2011
    attended training event in Leuven about odt2daisy, odt2braille and accessodf. 2 Belgian guys who also organised piloting in the past did training. very nicely done and now grasping fully the functionalities of these tools.
  • Avatar image Abdel Jul 26, 2011
    I have experienced the same when i was trying out new stuff with my end-user groups. We therefore always involve his or her personal carer to make the bridge. This also means we need to convince theses carers to participate in tests. It falls or stands with them!
  • Avatar image ACE Centre Sep 22, 2010
    Have just attended the "Web accessibility Un- conference" at City University in London. Interesting observations from a researcher there Makayla Lewis about the problems of involving people with physical and associated speech difficulties in research and testing. Such users are reluctant to leave their familliar suroundings and meet with new people. You have to go to them and communicate with them in their familliar surroiundings and eanr their trust first. This is exactly what I have found in doing the trials for AEGIS. On top of this such users are often slow communicators and this embarresses them when talking to new people. David This creats a problem contacting older motor impaired users because - unlike younger users who may be at speicalist centres and colleges - they do get out, are difficult to find and often do not respond to email requests. Because of thier reluctance to leave their familiar surroundings, as well as their difficulty in getting about anyway they will not attend group testing sessions. Does anyone have some suggested strategies for improving the involvment of older motor impaired users?
  • Avatar image Karel Aug 05, 2010
    Inderdaad, via Binnenkort zullen alle training modules klaar zijn in het Nederlands.
  • Avatar image Abdel Jul 27, 2010
    Dus moet ik enkel maar inschrijven voor de elearning?
  • Avatar image Karel Jul 24, 2010
    @Abdel: we are now working on training material for all piloted and tested applications. You are free to join the pilot testing in Belgium Abdel. Ik denk dat we elkaar in Leuven spraken, aarzel niet om me te contacteren, dan kan ik je reeds enkele prototypes laten zien en ook laten testen door jou. Hiervan zijn ook videos voorhanden in het Engels.
  • Avatar image Abdel Jul 24, 2010
    Can you provide a video to show how it works?
  • Avatar image ACE Centre Jul 12, 2010
    The Concept Coding Framework extension to Open Office Writer is effectively an odt to Symbols converter. The early prototype is showing promise but it is only the first version.
  • Avatar image Marie Jul 12, 2010
    This symbol support was shown to us by Karel van Ysaker some weeks ago very interesting, Karel, when will this be released?
  • Avatar image Elizabeth Jul 12, 2010
    Just saw the project will demonstrate odt to daisy and braille at ICCHP, any plans to do odt to symbols?